New Successware Platform FAQs

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Q. What is the new Successware Platform?

A. The new Successware® Platform is a state-of-the-art solution built on next-generation cloud-native technology, leveraging flexible and secure cloud-based hosting. Successware is the most comprehensive business management platform in the trade industry, with an intuitive, modern user experience, offering the only built-in, complete accounting solution on the market, and is backed by superior customer service and implementation support.


Q. Why did Successware create a new version of Successware Office?

A. The new Successware Platform brings our office application into the modern, web-based SaaS world, allowing us to serve our customers with the best technology available.


Q. What makes the new Successware Platform different than Successware Classic?

A. The new Successware Platform still includes all the modules you have come to know and expect in Successware Classic™, with an updated look and feel and more robust features. It combines deep business functionality with a modern, intuitive, web-based user experience to deliver a comprehensive solution to run and grow your business. Some of our key new features include:

  • Availability/Uptime: Modern, web-based architecture that maximizes uptime and security by being hosted in the cloud.
  • Support: A consolidated application and hosting platform makes Successware your single point of contact for billing and support issues.
  • User Interface: Our new intuitive user interface was designed for a better customer experience.
  • Follow-up Ticketing: New Platform users have the ability to ensure that even activities not directly related to jobs are completed, such as concern call follow-ups.
  • Consolidated Financial Reporting: Consolidated financial reporting in one dashboard for all your businesses that use Successware. Our integrated accounting supports customers as they grow.

Q. In what ways has the new Successware Platform improved on Successware Classic?

A. Some of the new Platform updates we’re most proud of include:

  • Call Taking: The new Platform’s simplified call handling feature makes it easier to train people. Call scripting can also be performed at a deeper level based on call attributes. In addition, address verification happens automatically when taking an address from a caller. Also, contacts are now separable from service locations, so a person can move to a different location, and retain their customer history.
  • Job Completion: The finalization process has been grouped together and simplified. The new Platform now has a list of jobs to be finalized on the Dispatch board, so it can be done quickly.
  • PriceBook Management: New Platform users can now add photos to categories, groups, and items. Pictures can also be added to flat rate tasks.
  • Opportunity Management: Opportunities are easier to understand and use by easily turning an opportunity into a proposal, and then into a job.
  • Payables, Receivables, and Reporting: Each of these functions has been improved in the new Platform by making the controls easier to access.


Q. How has the user interface changed?

A. In the new Successware Platform we've removed all of the obscure icons, options buried in right-click menus, and function keys. Platform users also have the ability to open multiple Successware screens at once for a faster workflow.


Q. Why are there differences between Successware Classic and the new Successware Platform?

A. The new Successware Platform was built from the ground up to utilize the latest technology available, while still being modeled on Successware Classic. However, Successware Classic was built over the course of two decades and has a variety of smaller features which may not be replicated in the new Platform just yet.


Q. Is anything the same in the new Successware Platform as it was in Successware Classic?

A. Yes, some functions like Inventory Management, Accounting, and Payroll are very similar between Classic and Platform. Classic users should be very familiar with these functions.


Q. What are the benefits of being cloud hosted?

A. The new Successware Platform is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering your business a great user experience. You'll benefit from increased uptime, scalability, increased security, data backup and disaster recovery, the latest technology, increased performance, and the freedom to work anywhere. 


Q. Other than being a web-based application, is the new Successware Platform just like Successware Classic?

A. The new Successware Platform is based on a different set of user interface technologies which support different interaction styles with the users. Moreover, parts of the application have been redesigned to make them more usable, flexible, and feature rich. However, the same core functionality that makes up Successware Classic was included in the new Platform.

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